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Wooden Toys

For many parents and grandparents the fascination with wooden toys has been one that can span generations and at ToyBoxLive we have found the very best wooden toys on the market to bring them directly to your online toy library.  Wooden Toys are beautiful, elegant and timeless and allow children to explore, construct and role play.

The beauty of wooden toys is that they are durable, long lasting and easy to clean and by adding them to your toy rental service you have the opportunity to enjoy the very best without collecting the clutter

We have a huge selection of wooden toys which we are adding to all the time.  We have wooden toys from HABA including the ghost tower and knights castle and the HABA first animal play set.  We also have a large selection of Big Jigs wooden toys perfect for young minds to interact with.    

To Rent Or Buy

It’s 18 months ago since I became a first time mum and time has literally flown by. Along with time so has money; spent on toys to keep my little one learning. All of a sudden my house was transformed with colour and toys and I was quickly running out of space.

With space issues and toys that no longer amused, I asked myself the question whether there was an alternative to simply buying new toys, as my buying was getting a little uncontrollable, I just wanted Theia to have the best opportuntiy to learn and develop through play. I could have continued each week calling into Tesco or the Early Learning Centre picking up new toys that would keep Theia entertained, but the money in my purse would have soon dried up. Would a rental model for toys work like it has for films? Could Parents, Carers, Grandparents or any other child carer grasp the concept of renting toys instead of buying them?

My first thought was that surely I could find somewhere to rent toys online, but to my surprise nothing existed in the UK market. was born and it has taken 6 months to get the website to where it is now. I’m hoping that the UK public will see the value in renting toys instead of buying. For me there’s so many benefits, no unnecessary clutter, save money, keep your toys changing to encourage development, no unnecessary waste and no more pestering for new toys whilst you are out shopping. makes toy rental and childcare easy and I hope you will join us on our journey.

I’m going to be keeping this blog updated with the latest toys and reviews of toys that will be available from Im also looking forward to hearing of the adventures of the toys from our customers which I will also post on here. Happy Toy Renting

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